Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds, Black

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Product Description

Offering a powerful, bass-driven stereo sound with greater clarity and improved dynamics over standard earbuds are the CX 300-II ear-canal phones. The various sizes of ear adapters (S/M/L sizes) provided in the package allow for a customized fit as well as exceptional noise blocking capability.

  • High passive noise attenuation
  • Modern, bass-driven stereo sound
  • Built-tough with a 2 YEAR warranty!
Learn more about the CX 300-II

The CX 300-II features an asymetrical cable which the longer end goes behind the neck and into the opposite ear. This mimics a single sided cable and reduces the amount of cable in front of the wearer during physical activity. This is a safety and ergonomic feature.

  • High-quality dynamic speaker systems for bass-driven stereo sound and durability
  • Personalized fit in the ear canals functions as an earplug and high-quality speaker
  • Customizable ear adapter system achieves the perfect fit
  • Convenient carrying pouch included
  • Asymmetrical cable reduces tangles and cable clutter
  • Built-tough with a 2 Year warranty


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