Fissler vitavit comfort Pressure Cooker Set 2-piece

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Product Description

Pressure cooking made even simpler.

Pressure cooking made even simpler. The new generation with innovative functions. The extensive features of this model include not only the unique positioning aid, two adjustable cooking levels and the locking indicator, but also the removable handle. The cooking display with a traffic light function informs you when the stove can be turned down, the cooking time begins or the temperature in the cooker is too high.

Easy positioning

Thanks to a metal tab on the lid, it is extremely easy to place the lid in the right position. And thanks to the newly designed rim of the pot, closing the cooker is also as easy as A, B, C.

Securely locked

When the cooker is closed correctly, a click is audible and a color display in the handle switches from red to green. Only then can the pressure start to build.

Two cooking levels

The vitavit comfort possesses two cooking levels. The gentle setting is for delicate foods such as fine vegetables or fish, while the speed setting is for meats and stews.

More information

The new traffic light display makes cooking with the pressure cookers clear and safe.

  • Yellow: The stove can now be turned down.
  • Green: The set temperature has been reached and the cooking time begins.
  • Red: The temperature is too high.

For simple handling

The removable handle makes this pressure cooker easy to clean and to store. A practical advantage for several pots in the cupboard: they can be stacked in each other.

With CookStar all-stove base

With this base, the vitavit comfort is suitable for every stove. The pot is heated quickly and evenly and you can even save energy.

The right volume is always what counts

The practical filling level indicator on the inside of the pot shows the minimum and maximum volume of liquid.


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