Our Concept

Know-how – the right experts at the right time. We bring specialists together to achieve optimal results in challenging and advanced projects. We are helping you to connect with regional, national and international specialists and experts.

Which companies can take advantage of our services? We have a wide range of different clients, from start-ups to large multinational companies. Furthermore we can support your project, independent from timing and complexity. We support you with flexible resource planning and reliable project completion. Our specialists support your teams as virtual team members and accomplish location independent activities. Some example activities are:

  • Design services
  • Architecture and statics services
  • Engineering services
  • Helpdesk services
  • Project-based IT services
  • Project Management activities
  • Software development

Your Benefits

For every challenge there is an appropriate solution, and for every open vacancy there is a right expert. Especially large and complex projects require broad knowledge, which is usually not available at all time. Due to this fact, a mixed team consisting of internal employees and external specialists can be a critical success factor to achieve the goals of your projects. Our freelancers add lots of experience from working with a variety of different business and project benchmarks being a huge benefit for your company and projects. Due to this fact our experts are used to integrating quickly into different projects and provide high quality advice and deliverables . One of the most important aspect is timing and short deadlines. We help you to navigate through project highs and lows  by providing you the appropriate number of resources whenever you can’t solve the workload with your own employees.


  • We guarantee you a noticeable cost reduction up to 60% or more compared to local freelancers
  • You pay only for the actual work delivered. No extra costs for sickness or leave time
  • Plannable costs through project- and hourly based budgeting
  • Secure your competitive advantages by using our specialists for reasonable prices and distinctly reduce your costs by at least 60%.


  • Depending on your needs and requirements we can support you with single specialists or whole expert teams
  • We can deliver on every scope of work. From single tasks to huge long term projects
  • No long-term fixed contract
  • Scalable provisioning of resources


  • We understand your requirements and needs and give you access to a wider pool of skills to deliver customized solution
  • Efficient, individual and pragmatic – our experts act as quick problem solvers
  • All around consulting – We advise and support you from the first idea to the completion of a project
  • Knowledge transfer by our experts

About us

Vtrace is an innovative and flexible service provider located in Solingen, Germany. We have a large international network of high qualified and experienced partners and experts. Due to this, we are in the position to provide a wide portfolio of location independent services.

You don’t want to hire expensive freelancers for your projects, which cost a large amount of your budget. You do not want to utilize offshore teams because of inconsistent quality and time difference.

We have your solution! Our highly qualified European experts work virtually in your teams, are in the same time zone and are virtually continuously available to your team’s working hours. We provide highly motivated graduates from European and US universities, with substantial work experience in the various expert areas. We are highly experienced in the complexity of various industries and can deliver customized solutions to achieve your project requirements.

Quality, cost and time are crucial for the overall project success. Our objective is to support you with cost efficient and highly qualified resources independent from the size and complexity of your project.

Due to our long term consulting experience we have developed a very good overview of the German market and know the needs of companies in Germany very well. Our expertise and qualified services are not only used by large multinational companies but also by small enterprises or startup companies achieving more flexibility and agility in their projects.

Contact us

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